About Play Away, Stay Away 

Watch Play Away, Stay Away founder, Louis get his kit(s) off whilst telling you why he started the community, the inspiration for the idea and what the plan for the business is.


🎞️ (Featuring the worst Irish accent ever attempted by a man born in Dublin) β˜˜οΈ

The Inspiration 

Despite being a massive football and rugby fan himself, our founder, Louis actually got the vision and idea for the Play Away, Stay Away platform from another sport: cycling. 


When planning a big cycle ride through Europe, a friend recommended he sign up to cycle host-network, Warm Showers for the trip.  As an outgoing and friendly fan (not to mention a stingy money-saver), Louis quickly signed up!  


Not only did the network save Louis lots of money on his trip (win), it also meant he met lots of like-minded (win),  incredibly friendly and extremely helpful people along the way (win).

The vision for Play Away, Stay Away was created. 


When the successful #bedforawayfans and

Adopt a Lion campaigns proved that the concept could work  just as well in football and rugby, Louis slowly started developing the idea, and in 2019, quit his job and set about truly transforming the away experience for sports supporters. 

How it Works


Support Us 

Behind every successful sportsperson or sports team, there's a wider team of supporters, helpers and trainers. Everything from the nutritionist to the coach driver all help to achieve a shared goal. 


Just like them, we can't achieve our vision of creating the first fan-to-fan host network without your support.  


So support us to support you to support your team by signing up as a member in the form below and get ready to transform your away experiences and help us reach our goals.  

Support You

Once you're signed up, we'll call you in person to run our safety process and to welcome you to the club.


This personal contact will also allow us to get a better idea of who you are so the better we know you, the better we can find the perfect match for your next match. 


You can then let us know which game you're planning on going to next and we'll work to find the best match host on our database for you with careful consideration and thought.

Support Your Team

Once we've scoured our network and found you the perfect match for your next match, we'll introduce the host to the visitor and encourage you to contact each other before the game. 


The beauty of being a start-up is that this matching occurs with a personal touch from one of our team. In a couple of seasons' time and with your help, we'll create a fully automated, transparent fan-to-fan host network. 



As you've hopefully worked out by now, Play Away, Stay Away is built on bringing supporters of all clubs together and uniting fans to transform the away-day experience. 


Although you don't have to be able to host travelling fans, our system relies on the generosity and hospitality of reciprocation and we're sure that once you've experienced the pleasure of one exchange, you'll be counting itching to host another travelling fan and keep the cycle of friendly hospitality going. 

Frequently Asked


What's the incentive to be a host? 


How can I be sure that it's safe? 


Don't rival fans hate each other? 


What happens if there are no hosts available for my game? 


How does Play Away, Stay Away make money?