"Darling, There's a Lion in the Living Room"

That's certainly one thing you don't want to be hearing from your partner as you ready yourselves for an evening of relaxation in front of the television. Fear not because rather than a salivating, snarling 200kg predator looking for his next meal, it's a comparatively friendly rugby fan who's come half way across the world to support his team.

They might roar like lions but they're nice really. Honestly.

Every four years, the British and Irish Lions team travels to Australasia looking for South African, Australian and Kiwi blood followed by over 20 thousand equally enthusiastic British and Irish rugby tourists who often combine their love of the game with a cultural trip down under.

During the latest instalment of sport's most famous northern hemisphere vs southern hemisphere battle, in 2017, with 90% of rooms being booked, those that are available were going for $1,2000 per room a considerable addition to the already high cost of following the Lions team. In response, a Facebook group was established and over 100 Kiwis happily opened their dens to the travelling packs of Lions. Luckily, no one was killed or seriously injured.

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