'He's Like a Brother to me Now'

Over 500 Ukrainian Hosts Open Their Homes to Liverpool Fans

Reaching their first Champions League final in over ten years, meant that there was no shortage of Liverpool fans looking to make the trip to eastern Europe to support their team. There was, however, one major issue. It wasn't the 5,000 mile round trip that meant you couldn't go there and back in a day, nor the mightily expensive air fare but the price of accommodation in the Ukrainian capital. Hotels, hostels and AirBnBs in an otherwise less-travelled European capital were oversubscribed; all compounded by the fact that UEFA had booked out some of the city's best hotels for their executives and partners.

Embarrassed on behalf of his city, people and his country, and being a big supporter of Liverpool himself, Yuriy offered his home to the travelling hordes of Liverpudlians and started a movement that climaxed with over 500 locals opening their homes to the travelling fans.

When his story went viral, Yuriy was rewarded for his genuine kindness by being given three tickets for him and his young family to go and watch the final with the supporters he had so kindly offered to host.