"It is solidarity like this we have only in sport"

When Borussia Dortmund's team bus was targeted in a bomb scare before a game between them and Monaco in 2017, fans feared the worst. What happened next was one of the most magical and heartwarming shows of unity and solidarity in European football.

With the game delayed for 24 hours whilst investigations took place, many of the travelling Monaco fans didn't have anywhere to stay and in desperate need of some divine Dortmund intervention, they turned to social media for help. The response from the Germans was overwhelming with the club's own Twitter account even joining in and the famous #bedforawayfans appeal going into the Twitter stratosphere.

Fans shared images, videos and love on social media with the major European news networks keen to display this swell of human togetherness in a time of increasing divisions across the continent. This even culminated in the travelling Monaco fans chanting their rivals' name and a unique bond forming between the two clubs. As one travelling fan said "football is love".