Your Safety 

The Play Away, Stay Away concept relies on the generosity, friendliness and hospitality of the overwhelming majority of like-minded sports.


As sports fans ourselves, we know that, contrary to popular opinion and media portrayal, the vast majority of supporters are friendly, proud and a well-mannered bunch. If you're not, then sorry, we're just probably not for you. 

Thanks to our careful and considered approach, we haven't had any issues regarding supporter safety yet and we will always work hard to avoid any compromise on your safety.


Scroll down to learn how. 


A Proactive, Personal Approach

Unlike other host platforms (we're not snitching, just telling you the truth), we call every single new member when they sign up and have a friendly chat to get to know them a little more and make sure they're who they say they are.


If we suspect anything untoward, we won't allow them to be a member because we'd rather a smaller network of quality members than a larger network of unreliable ones. 

Once you're a confirmed member, we'll only ever propose an exchange with one of our hosts or visitors that we think you'll get along with because we know that you both enjoying the experience is the most important thing and that's the only way we'll achieve our goal. 

Only once we've had a good conversation and the member has passed the 'phone call' test, we'll send a Play Away, Stay Away postcard to verify their registered address. 

Once a hosting occasion has taken place, we'll ask both parties for to rate the other party out of 5 stars and ask for a written review so we can get a better picture of all of our members, improve the reliability of our platform and quickly identify any potential issues or problem members. Feedback will only be certified if we have verified the hosting taking place. 

A Zero Tolerance Approach

We also have a zero-tolerance approach to any of our members suspected of threatening and/or abusive or illegal behaviour. Any member accused of any such activity will be suspended from the platform pending a full review of the circumstances from both parties and if proven guilty, will have their account removed immediately. 


Despite our very best efforts, just like any peer-to-peer technology, we have no foolproof guarantee of the ‘niceness’ of our hosts and supporters. In general, we urge you to use your own common sense and diligence in order to ensure your safety and remember that there is absolutely no obligation to host or stay with one of our supporters. 

Always Remember: If a situation involves serious misbehaviour (theft, sexual misbehaviour, etc.) or other criminal behaviour, please immediately inform your local legal authorities. Call the police.

Our Tips To Improve Safety

1.Social Media

If a member does not have any feedback yet, it is recommended to find them and connect on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.


These can often be good ways to learn more about a member before you host them or stay with them.

2. Meet Remotely

We recommend meeting your visiting fan or host in a public place, away from the home. 

Busy places like coffee shops, the train station or even the local pub can be safer spots to meet them for the first time than in the house. 

3. Your Home, Your Rules

When you register as a host, you can choose to set your own rules and if you want to, limit the supporters that you accept into your home. 

You can always remind your guest of any house rules such as smoking or alcohol consumption when you first meet them. Your house, your rules. 

4. Your Safety

Always remember that your safety and that of your family is of paramount importance.


If you feel uncomfortable, or threatened, remember that you are under no obligation to host a travelling fan or to stay with the host and that there are always other options in the local area. 

In an emergency contact the police or get in touch with our CEO on 07720 904 782 and we will find an alternative arrangement for you.